Mother and daughter team Anna and Talia are passionate about design. 

For their first collection of entertaining and decorating pieces, the talented duo introduces Talianna, with designs that are fun and fresh, and celebrate casual moments at home. 

Sophisticated with youthful flair, each piece tells a story and draws on Anna’s expertise as founder of ANNA New York, a company she built with support (and hands-on labor) from her own mother and grandmother.

Talianna invites ideas to embrace your style and beautify your home. Designed to mix and match for ease and elegance, the collection is yours to experience and enjoy.

Go ahead. Set a table, host a party, and gift something special.

Growing up watching her entrepreneurial mom build a successful luxury brand, ANNA New York, Talia quickly learned the vocabulary of product development and margin calculations. She saw an opportunity to create designs geared toward the fun and joyous parts of entertaining, for a younger audience, and had some lively conversations with her mom about what they could create together.

Their collaboration resulted in the creation of Talianna, a literal merging of their names and personalities. 

According to Anna, “I’m a dreamer and Talia is very practical, so our abilities are complementary. She has an uncanny ability to evaluate a design, and to know whether it will resonate with customers, what they’ll use it for in their lives, and whether it will sell. If she doesn’t approve a sample, we won’t make it. Plus it’s so incredibly fun to work with my daughter - I can imagine no better partner.”

These two collaborate on more than just design - they have competed in a triathlon together, enjoy baking elaborate desserts together, and can often be found chasing each other (and their dog Latke) around the house. 

Celebrate your every day with Talianna.